Use a third-party map plugin for navigation, compatible android and ios.

react-native, map
npm install @dachongziy/react-native-map-linking@1.0.8


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Go to third-party Map App for navigation, Android mobile stand by Gaode Map and BaiDu Map and Tencent Map, IOS mobile stand by Gaode Map and BaiDu Map and Tencent Map and Apple Map.

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Example:Call the API to pass the starting location info and end location info to jump to the specified map app for navigation.

  • Prompt recommended download list when no third-party map app is installed (IOS comes with Apple map)

  • Select one of them to jump to the download address page (👇the following are the pages of Gao De Map, Baidu Map, Tencent Map)

  • When the system has a third-party map application installed, only the list of existing app is displayed.

  • Click on the list item and jump to the corresponding map application to navigate (the following are the navigation pages of Gao De Map, Baidu Map, Tencent Map)



yarn add @iwubida/react-native-map-linking

npm install

npm install @iwubida/react-native-map-linking


import MapLinking from '@iwubida/react-native-map-linking';
import React, { PureComponent } from 'react';
import { TouchableOpacity, Text } from 'react-native';

class Demo extends PureComponent {
  handleChange = () => {
    // starting location info
    const startLocation = {
      lng: 106.534892,
      lat: 29.551891,
      title: '李子坝抗战遗址公园'

    // end location info
    const destLocation = {
      lng: 106.27613,
      lat: 29.972084,
      title: '合川区邮政局(重庆市南园路198号)'

    MapLinking.planRoute({ startLocation, destLocation });

  render() {
    return (
      <TouchableOpacity onPress={this.handleChange}>
        <Text>start navigation</Text>

export default Demo;

If you need to be compatible with Tencent map, you need to initialize the incoming Tencent map developer key. Application URL

import MapLinking from '@iwubida/react-native-map-linking';

componentDidMount() {
  MapLinking.init({ tmapKey: 'OB4BZ-D4W3U-B7VVO-4PJWW-6TKDJ-WPB77' });

Parameter support description

planRoute API is supports following properties

import MapLinking from '@iwubida/react-native-map-linking';

MapLinking.planRoute({ startLocation, destLocation, mode, type });
Name Type Default Description
startLocation object null Starting location info
destLocation object null End location info
mode string 'ride' Navigation mode ['drive','bus','ride', 'walk']
type string 'gcj02' coordinate type ['gcj02', 'wgs84']

startLocation and destLocation is supports following properties

Name Type Description
lng number longitude
lat object latitude
title string address