SDK for DIGGITHY integration

npm install @diggithy/sdk@1.0.0


DIGGITHY SDK Commitizen friendly semantic-release Lint, build, test, publish npm (scoped)

DIGGITHY SDK aims to make integration with DIGGITHY easy.


npm install @diggithy/sdk



In order to work with the public API, you will need an API key for the instance you are managing. After you obtained the API key, there are two ways to provide the API key to the SDK.

Using environment variables

When importing the SDK it will automatically initialize using DIGGITHY_API_KEY if it is set.

Using Diggithy.Auth.init()

If you prefer not to use environment variables as described above, you can manually initialize the SDK like so:

import { Diggithy } from "@diggithy/sdk"


Diggithy.Auth.init() overrides the API key that might be set using the environment variable.

Managing tickets

Creating tickets

Creating amount tickets works like this:

import { Diggithy } from "@diggithy/sdk"


The call will return a promise that resolves with a list of the UUIDs of the created tickets.

Deleteing tickets

Deleting existing tickets works like this:

import { Diggithy } from "@diggithy/sdk"

Diggithy.Tickets.deleteTickets(["ticketUuid1", "ticketUuid2"]);

The call will return a promise that resolves with true if at least one of the tickets was deleted successfully and with false if no ticket was deleted or the list was empty.


Contributions are very welcome! Please see our contribution guide for more information.