A library of React components and styles for use within DoubleDutch products.

doubledutch, react, component, style, css
npm install @doubledutch/react-components@0.2.1



DoubleDutch client library for building custom extensions with React Native

Automated setup

The easiest way to get started is to install the DoubleDutch command line tool and run doubledutch init.

See also @doubledutch/firebase-connector for an easy backend for your DoubleDutch extension.

Screenshot of sample DoubleDutch extension using rn-client


import client, { TitleBar, Avatar } from '@doubledutch/rn-client'

client.getCurrentUser().then(user => console.log(user))
client.getCurrentEvent().then(event => console.log(event))
client.getPrimaryColor().then(color => console.log(color))

client.getToken().then(token => console.log(`${token} is a valid DoubleDutch access token, usually used indirectly by other client libraries.`))

class HomeView extends React.Component {
  state = {}
  componentDidMount() {
    client.getCurrentUser().then(currentUser => this.setState({currentUser}))

  render() {
    const {currentUser} = this.state
    return (
        <TitleBar client={client} title={`Hello ${currentUser ? currentUser.firstName : ''}`} />
        <Avatar user={currentUser} size={40} />



Returns a Promise that resolves to information about the current attendee.

  id: '24601',                          // DoubleDutch user ID (required)
  image: 'https://ddut.ch/image.jpg',   // Avatar image URL (optional)
  identifier: 'jvj24601',               // Unique ID provided by event organizer (required)
  email: 'jean@valjean.com',
  firstName: 'Jean',                    // Given name (required)
  lastName: 'Valjean',                  // Surname (required)
  title: 'Character',                   // Job title (optional)
  company: 'Les Misérables'             // Company attendee works for (optional)


Returns a Promise that resovles to information about the current event.

  startDate: '2017-01-01T00:00:00.000Z',  // First day of event
  endDate: '2017-01-02T00:00:00.000Z',    // Last day of event
  id: 'sample-event-id',                  // Event ID provided by DoubleDutch (required)
  description: 'Happy New Year',          // Description of the event (optional)
  name: 'New Year Kickoff',               // Name of the event (required)
  appId: 'sample-app-id'                  // ID of the parent app that contains this event


Returns a Promise that resolves to the attendee in the current event.

client.getAttendee(42).then(attendee => console.log(attendee))


Returns a Promise that resolves to the attendees in the current event.

client.getAttendees().then(attendees => console.log(attendees))


Returns a Promise that resolves to the attendees in the current event with the hightest scores. count defaults to 20.

client.getLeaderboardAttendees(10).then(attendees => console.log(attendees))


Returns a Promise that resolves to the custom items in the current event.

client.getCustomItems().then(items => console.log(items))


Returns a Promise that resolves to the exhibitors in the current event.

client.getExhibitors().then(exhibitors => console.log(exhibitors))


Returns a Promise that resolves to the sessions in the current event.

client.getSessions().then(sessions => console.log(sessions))


Returns a Promise that resolves to the speakers in the current event.

client.getSpeakers().then(speakers => console.log(speakers))


Returns a promise that resolves to the primary color used in the event app, to match event branding.


client.getSecondaryColor() and client.getTertiaryColor() are also automatically generated based on the primary color, designed to be pleasing complements when other branded colors are desired.


If additional branded colors are desired, a Color class is exported with some useful tranformations available, e.g.

new Color(primaryColor).shiftHue(1/2).limitLightness(0.8).rgbString()

Color functions include

  • shiftHue(shiftAmount) Shifts the color around the color wheel. A shiftAmount of 1/2 returns the color on the opposite side of the color wheel.
  • limitLightness(maxLightness)
  • minLightness(minLightness)
  • limitSaturation(maxSaturation)
  • minSaturation(minSaturation)
  • rgb() returns an object with {r,g,b} properties
  • hsv() returns an object with {h,s,v} properties
  • rgbString() returns a color string accepted by React Native styles


Returns a Promise which resolves to a valid access token. Normally used indirectly by other client libraries to access the DoubleDutch platform.

client.getToken().then(token => /* Use the token. */)


React Native component useful for interacting with the title bar that is native to DoubleDutch apps.

In the simulator, a title bar will be rendered as React Native components. In a native DoubleDutch iOS or Android app, the native app provides the title bar. <TitleBar /> abstracts away these differences to provide a simulated experience that matches a real DoubleDutch app.

<TitleBar client={client} title="Extension title" signin={this.signin} />


  • client. The client imported from @doubledutch/rn-client. Required for setting the native title text in a DoubleDutch app.
  • title. The desired text of the native title bar. Requires client prop to be set.
  • signin. (Optional) Promise that will resolve when signin to a backend is complete. If specified, the title bar will show connection status while authenticating to your backend. E.g. if using @doubledutch/firebase-connector, this can be the Promise returned by fbc.signin().


React Native component that shows a circular avatar image of an attendee, or his/her initials if no image is available.

<Avatar user={user} size={25} client={client} roundedness={1.0} />


  • user. The attendee whose avatar should be displayed. This can be the current attendee resolved from the client.getCurrentUser() Promise, to display the avatar of the attendee currently viewing the app, or another attendee object.
  • size. The diameter of the avatar image.
  • client. The rn-client object used to look up not-yet-known images in the background.
  • roundedness a number between 0 (square) and 1.0 (circle)