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npm install @enterthenamehere/esdoc-lint-plugin@2.2.4



Welcome to @enterthenamehere/esdoc-monorepo

Original ESDoc is unfortunately no more mantained, so it will break generation of documentation if you use any ESNext feature in your code. That's why I've updated ESDoc and it's plugins and for ease of maintaining the whole suite put it into a single monorepository.

What's new/different from ESDoc?

  • New scope: all my packages are under @enterthenamehere/ scope;
  • Moved "core" of ESDoc documentation generation functionality into it's own package: esdoc-core;
  • Updated to babel 7, enabling parsing of ESNext features;
  • Added esdoc-ecmascript-proposal-plugin to esdoc-standard-plugin, so you can use ESNext right away;
  • Updated dependencies to get rid of high risk vulnerabilities;
  • Replaced prettify with highlight.js - it's not 100% replacement though, so if you see issues, do tell;
  • Monorepository is using lerna;


So how do I use your version of ESDoc?

npm install @enterthenamehere/esdoc @enterthenamehere/esdoc-standard-plugin

and you can run esdoc by

npx esdoc

or use it in npm "script"

    "scripts": {
        "esdoc": "esdoc"



    "source": "./src",
    "destination": "./docs",
    "plugins": [{"name": "esdoc-standard-plugin"}]

No need to use @enterthenamehere/esdoc-standard-plugin in config anymore! No need to change configs. You still need to use @enterthenamehere/ when installing packages with npm though.


You probably want to install esdoc-standard-plugin pack.

It contains these plugins:

Plugin Description
esdoc-accessor-plugin You can specify if you want private identifiers in documentation.
esdoc-brand-plugin Cool features like describing your package, a logo, or... repository url.
esdoc-coverage-plugin Information like: you have only 4 of 20 identifiers in this file documented.
esdoc-ecmascript-proposal-plugin Makes ESDoc parse ESNext code.
esdoc-external-ecmascript-plugin Recognizes ECMAScript objects and point to MDN docs.
esdoc-integrate-manual-plugin You can specify files which will make a manual section.
esdoc-integrate-test-plugin Links tests to objects they test.
esdoc-lint-plugin Checks if there is a mismatch between documentation and code, like in function signatures.
esdoc-publish-html-plugin The real deal: Generates HTML for viewing in your favorite browser.
esdoc-type-inference-plugin Guesses identifier's type in case it's not specified.
esdoc-undocumented-identifier-plugin If you don't want to have unexported identifiers in docs.
esdoc-unexported-identifier-plugin If you don't want to have unexported identifiers in docs.

Just use

npm install @enterthenamehere/esdoc-standard-plugin

ESDoc offers even more plugins, but you have to install these individually:

Plugin Description
esdoc-exclude-source-plugin Do not add source code files into documentation.
esdoc-external-nodejs-plugin Makes ESDoc recognize Node.js identifiers and point to their manual.
esdoc-external-webapi-plugin Makes ESDoc recognize WebAPI identifiers and point to their manual.
esdoc-flow-type-plugin Makes ESDoc parse and document Flow.
esdoc-inject-gtm-plugin Injects Google Tag Manager. (I don't know how that works...)
esdoc-inject-script-plugin Injects script into HTML layout.
esdoc-inject-style-plugin Injects style into HTML layout.
esdoc-importpath-plugin Renames directories/files based on a pattern.
esdoc-publish-markdown-plugin Generates documentation as markdown.
esdoc-react-plugin Makes ESDoc parse React.
esdoc-jsx-plugin Makes ESDoc parse JSX.
esdoc-typescript-plugin Makes ESDoc parse TypeScript.



Thank you goes to author of ESDoc

Ryo Maruyama@h13i32maru