Findify react UI components

ecommerce, findify, lerna, monorepo, react, search, semantic-release, typescript
npm install @findify/ui-components@1.1.1


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Install and use components

findify-js is a mono-repo, which means it is built out of multiple packages. To start using them in your projects you have to install them one by one.

For example, getting the SDK will require you to install @findify/sdk:

$ npm install @findify/sdk

A list of all packages

Package Description
@findify/bundle All-in-one solution
@findify/react-components React components for ecommerce apps
@findify/react-connect React hooks and hocs connected with agents
@findify/analytics Feedback API integration
@findify/analytics-dom DOM bindings for analytics
@findify/sdk Wrapper of the low-level JSON API
@findify/agent Search API state handling library
@findify/cli Set of node.js utils


In our setup lerna uses yarn to control package dependencies and workspaces, it means you need to have yarn installed

npm install -g yarn # Install Yarn
yarn # Install dependencies
yarn bootstrap # Build packages
cd packages/bundle && yarn start # Run bundle dev server

Afterwards you will be able to develop every single package locally, the dependencies will be pulled from packages/* folder.

Note: Once before yarn start in @findify/bundle you need to build dll by yarn build:dll in packages/bundle folder.

Note: react-components are always "hot", so you don't need to rebuild it after change.

License (MIT)