A FreeSewing pattern holding examples for our documentation

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npm install @freesewing/examples@2.4.6


Note: This is part of version 2 of FreeSewing.
It is a work in progress, and not ready for prime-time yet

For all questions, please come say hello in our chatroom on Gitter.

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A JavaScript library for made-to-measure sewing patterns

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About freesewing

FreeSewing is JavaScript library for made-to-measure sewing patterns.



  • Parametric design of sewing patterns
  • Modular design with support for plugins
  • Auto-layout of pattern parts
  • Auto-offset of paths for seam allowance
  • Support for paperless patterns (with our theme plugin)
  • Sampling of options, a single measurement, or across models
  • Renders to SVG
  • Run in the browser as well as on the server with Node.js

Getting started

This repository is a rewrite of freesewing/core in JavaScript.

It is an ongoing project, and not ready for prime-time yet. Watch this space.