React Components Library

react, tailwindcss, typescript, ui-components
npm install @gladio/ui@3.0.8


Shapes - Web UI Components library in React

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It is a components library build in React with Tailwind css.


All the components are distributed under @gladio namespace on npm. Components can be installed one-by-one or you can install all the them at once

Install All

To install all the components at one, please execute following command in the terminal:

npm i @gladio/ui --S

It will install all the components under the @gladio/ui package. Following packages/components will be installed

import { Button, Input, Dialog } from "@gladio/ui"

It will also install all the styles at @gladio/ui/styles/index.css so be sure to include the css in your bundle.

Install what Needed

npm i @gladio/button @gladio/badge --S

Each module has it's own styles which are placed at @gladio/[module]/styles/index.css so be sure to include these in your bundle.


Any kind of contribution is most welcome.

For contribution, please fork the repository and create PRs for your implementations and fixes.

Local Setup

System Prerequisites

  • node^12
  • npm^6
  • git

Clone the your repository locally and initialize the dependencies.

git clone[your_username]/tp-ui.git
cd tp-ui
npm install
npm run prestart

Code Overview

This is a monorepo managed by lerna. A bit understanding of lerna will help (but not required) to understand the modules and dependencies resolution.

Directory Structure

packages - all the packages/components
www - documentation website
.storybook - storybook configuration
shared - build specific scripts


npm run storybook # run the storybook
npm run build:watch # watch the files and rebuild
npm start # run storybook and build:watch in parallel
npm run test # run test for all the packages
npm run test:watch # run the changes test in watch mode
npm run commit # to commit the changes
npm run www # development for www
npm run build # build the packages
npm run release # publish the updated packages to npm

When you are working on a particular package say packages/dialog, you can pass the --scope flag to run these scripts only for @gladio/dialog module. For example,

npm run build:watch -- --scope=@gladio/dialog

This command will only watch for file changes within @gladio/dialog package only saving the memory for watchers.


Here is a list of commanly asked questions.

Use lerna command

npx lerna

Execute a command for a specific package only

Use --scope from lerna

npm run test -- --scope=@gladio/button # to run the tests inside buton only
npm run build -- --scope=@gladio/button # to build the button package

Install a dependency for a package Use --scope from lerna with lerna add

npx lerna add @gladio/button --exact --scope=@gladio/button-group