Heroku CLI plugin to run one-off dyno processes.

heroku-plugin, heroku, heroku-cli-plugin
npm install @heroku-cli/plugin-run-v5@7.12.2


Heroku CLI

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The Heroku CLI is used to manage Heroku apps from the command line. It is built using oclif.

For more about Heroku see https://www.heroku.com/home

To get started see https://devcenter.heroku.com/start


This is the next generation Node-based Heroku CLI. The goals of this project were to make plugins more flexible, remove Ruby as a runtime dependency, and make the CLI faster.

It has identical functionality to the old Ruby CLI. Under the hood, it is a modular CLI made up of node.js plugins.

For more on developing plugins, read Developing CLI Plugins


For problems directly related to the CLI, add an issue on GitHub.

For other issues, submit a support ticket.


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This project is built with lerna. The core plugins are located in ./packages. Run lerna bootstrap after cloning the repository to set it up.

To cut a release, simply run lerna publish and it will create a CHANGELOG from the pending commits using Conventional Commits. CircleCI will run the jobs to publish the CLI once it receives the git tag.

Review our PR guidelines.