A simple business process management tool written for NodeJS

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npm install @honeybpm/hbpm@0.6.0



HoneyBPM is a simple business process tool written in NodeJS.

Creating a Process Model

To create a process model you must create nodes to run and then provide the steps to run them in.

Your First Node

const hbpm = require('honeybpm');

let MyFirstNode = new hbpm.Node({
  name: "MyFirstNode",
  run: function(payload, hbpmProcess, wait, done){
    console.log("Hello World");
    return done(null, {});

Here we have created a node that when it runs will log the phrase "Hello World".

Your First Process model

const hbpm = require('honeybpm');

let MyFirstProcessModel = new hbpm.ProcessModel({
  name: "MyFirstProcessModel",
  steps: [
      start: true
      name: "Step1",
      node: MyFirstNode // from my Your First Node example above
      to: function(hbpmProcess, done){
        return done(null, "Step2")
      name: "Step2",
      node: MyFirstNode

The process model above will run console.log "Hello World" twice.