HAL+JSON REST API client for IMA applications.

ima, ima.js, rest, hal, json, halson, plugin
npm install @ima/plugin-halson-rest-client@1.1.0


IMA.js plugins

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The root postinstall lerna bootstrap has been replaced for non-CI cases by lerna run prepare. This should cover all use-cases in both npm <= 6 and npm >= 7 versions.

In npm >= 7 there is npm workspace bug: the build of all monorepo packages (included in lerna bootstrap command) should be run by root npm install but it does not accept the per-package prepare scripts yet.


For release new version of packages use lerna. Use following script:

npm run release

The IMA.js plugins is multi-package repository containing most commonly used plugins on IMA.js application development stack.

Create new plugin from hygen template

npx hygen plugin create

follow the prompt and fill proper data to setup plugin properties.


The IMA.js is an application development stack for developing isomorphic applications written in pure JavaScript. You can find the IMA.js skeleton application at https://github.com/seznam/ima.