Kotlin wrappers for standard JS objects plus some helpers

css, kotlin, kotlin-js, react, react-router-dom, redux, styled-components
npm install @jetbrains/kotlin-extensions@1.0.1-pre.89


JetBrains team project

Kotlin Wrappers

This repository hosts a number of Kotlin wrappers for popular JavaScript libraries, such as React, Mocha, and styled-components.

To learn more please refer to the READMEs of individual modules:

All wrappers are available on npm: npm install @jetbrains/<wrapper name>

Artifacts installable using Maven and Gradle are published to Bintray.

All packages require JDK 8 to be installed.


  1. To-do list example

  2. Tic-Tac-Toe example

  3. A port of "Thinking in React" example

  4. An example of using axios to fetch remote data. It also demonstrates how to add typings for an external library.

  5. An example of using Quill that shows how to use an external React component.

Follow these examples to learn how to start developing your React apps with Kotlin. Good luck and have fun! You also can clone my-kotlin-react-sample to see the result directly.

Real-world examples

KotlinConf App — an application developed at JetBrains to showcase multi-platform projects in Kotlin. The web-based part of the app is written using React and Kotlin/JS.


Contributions to this project are welcome! Please see the open issues or chat with us on the #react channel in our Slack.