This package provides the base functionality for building autocomplete interfaces powered by the [NYC Planning Labs GeoSearch API][geosearch].

npm install @justfixnyc/geosearch-requester@0.4.0


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This is a monorepo for TypeScript-based NPM packages that are intended for reuse across multiple properties.

Individual packages can be found in the packages/ subdirectory. They are published to NPM under the @justfixnyc scope.

Using packages

Unless otherwise noted, all package source code uses es2019 syntax with es2015 module code generation.

The case for this is documented in Henry Zhu's Babel post On Consuming (and Publishing) ES2015+ Packages:

Why is compiling dependencies (as opposed to just compiling our own code) desirable in the first place?

  • To have the freedom to make the tradeoffs of where code is able to run (vs. the library).
  • To ship less code to users, since JavaScript has a cost.

However, the downside of this approach is that using packages from this monorepo will almost certainly require the use of a transpiler and/or bundler. Fortunately, many tools and frameworks support the transpilation of dependencies, and some even do it by default.

Accomplishing this usually involves the following techniques:

  • Many transpilation/bundling tools are configured to automatically ignore everything in node_modules. You'll probably need to tell them to ignore everything in node_modules except packages scoped under @justfixnyc.

  • Your tools may include a regular expression that tells them to only transpile/bundle TypeScript source files; you may need to tell them to also process JS files, or else the files in @justfixnyc packages will be skipped over.

Below are techniques and examples for specific tools and frameworks.


Most Webpack configurations typically explicitly exclude anything in node_modules via an exclude option. If you do this, you'll need to change this option to exclude everything in node_modules except anything scoped under @justfixnyc.

Additionally, if you use webpack-node-externals to exclude node_modules from being transpiled and bundled by Webpack for scripts that run in node, you'll want to pass the whitelist option to ensure that it still processes packages from this monorepo.

See tenants2#889 for an example of these techniques in practice.


Using Rollup is relatively straightforward, since it uses es2015 modules natively. You'll need to use the rollup-plugin-node-resolve package so Rollup can find your dependencies using the Node module resolution algorithm. See justfix-ts#1 for an example.


Jest normally doesn't transpile anything in node_modules, but this can be overridden via its transformIgnorePatterns option. See justfix-website#40 or justfix-ts#3 for examples of this in practice.

Create React App (CRA)

CRA actually always transpiles node_modules during development and production, but its built-in Jest configuration currently does not. See who-owns-what#180 for a solution.


Gatsby also always transpiles node_modules, at least for production. See justfix-website#40 for an example.


This module ignores node_modules by default, so you will need to explicitly tell it not to; the easiest way to do this is by passing ignore: [] to its options, as described in the @babel/register docs.

Developing packages

Before working on any individual packages, go to the root of the repository and run the following to install all dependencies:

yarn install

Then run the following to build all packages in the monorepo:

yarn build

Then cd into a package of your choice.

Common commands that will work on all packages include:

  • yarn build will build the project.
  • yarn watch will watch the project's files for changes and rebuild them when they change.
  • yarn test will run the project's tests.
  • yarn test:watch will run the project's tests, watching files for changes and re-running the test suite as needed.

Each package should also have a that provides further guidance on developing it.

Code formatting

We use Prettier for all code formatting, and its formatting is enforced by our continous integration infrastructure.

Checking code formatting can be done with yarn prettier:check, while automatically fixing all code formatting issues can be done with yarn prettier:fix.

Publishing packages

Before publishing, you should make sure you are logged into npm as a user with publish access to the @justfixnyc organization/scope. Use the following to check if you are logged in:

npm whoami

To publish all changed packages, go to the root of the repository and run:

yarn lerna publish