Open Annotation Server

annotation-framework, webannotation
npm install @kba/anno-server@0.0.1



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This monorepo contains packages that provide the building blocks for annotation software implementing the Web Annotation Data Model and Web Annotation Protocol.

Each repository is designed to provide a single feature to allow for broad reuse of components.



A store provides persistent storage of annotations. A store exposes methods that reflect the Web Annotation Protocol and the extensions implemented of this framework.

The store module is a proxy to the actual implementation. It handles method dispatch and middleware and allows instantiation from the environemnt. Actual stores must implement its interface.

The store-mongolike module implements most of the store interface for document databases, such as mongodb or NeDB.


Authentication is based on JSON Web Tokens.

To inspect your tokens, try jwtinspector browser extension which will detect JWT in HTTP traffic and localStorage.


An oa:Annotation has 1..n annox:hasVersion annox:AnnotationRevision.

annox:hasVersion is an ordered List.

The top-level oa:Annotation has the data from the latest revision as

  • body
  • target
  • creator

The modified of the top-level oa:Annotation is the created of the latest revision.

hasVersion is part of the getMetadata store call/HEAD HTTP call.

Comments / Replies / Nesting

URL schema

ID is a nice slugid, based on uuid v4 without leading dash



  • http://localhost:3000/ewnfkjewnfew~2 Second revision
  • http://localhost:3000/ewnfkjewnfew.2.1~5 Fifth revision of first answer to second answer

Replies reply to the generic not versioned annotation (for sanity)

Extensions to Web Annotation Data Model

Namespace for extensions is https://kba.github.io/anno/#, short annox.

Context is at https://anno.github.io/anno/context.jsonld


Modules are managed by lerna

npm install -g lerna
lerna bootstrap