Bootstrap component for kospa framework

kospa, knockout, ko, spa, framework, bootstrap, app
npm install @kospa/bootstrap@0.1.6


kospa (Knockout Single-Page Application)

kospa is a lightweight and modular framework built on top of Knockout.JS to build powerful Single Page Applications.


  • @kospa/base: Base components (composition, activation, module loading)
  • @kospa/router: Router component
  • @kospa/dialog: Dialog component
  • @kospa/engine: Knockout module-based Template Engine
  • @kospa/bootstrap: Application startup component

Core concept

  • Composition: a process that loads a ViewModel and a View using a module loader and bind them in the DOM.
  • Activation: a process that loads, activate and deactivate a ViewModel module.


ViewModels in kospa follows the following lifecycle:

  1. activate: Load data and initialize the ViewModel before binding it to the DOM.
  2. bindingComplete: Run after the ViewModel is bound to the DOM.
  3. descendantsComplete: Run after all asynchronous binding are applied to the DOM.
  4. compositionComplete: Run when the composition process is complete.
  5. deactivate: Run when the ViewModel is unbound from the DOM.
  6. dispose: Run before the DOM node is removed.


This project is under MIT License. See the LICENSE file for the full license text.