Expose controllers as REST endpoints and route REST API requests to controller methods

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npm install @loopback/rest@9.2.1



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LoopBack makes it easy to build modern applications that require complex integrations.

  • Fast, small, powerful, extensible core
  • Generate real APIs with a single command
  • Define your data and endpoints with OpenAPI
  • No maintenance of generated code

Status: General Availability

LoopBack 4 GA (General Availability) has been released in October 2018, read more in the announcement post.

The documentation website is https://loopback.io/doc/en/lb4/.

Learn about the latest and greatest features and technologies in LoopBack 4 by using it for your next project. Start by having a look at Getting Started.

Check the API documentation for all the API usages in each package.

LoopBack 3 became active LTS version, and LoopBack 2 became maintenance LTS version.

Version Status Published EOL
LoopBack 4 Current Oct 2018 Apr 2021 (minimum)
Loopback 3 Active LTS Dec 2016 Dec 2020
Loopback 2 Maintenance LTS Jul 2014 Apr 2019

Please refer to our Long Term Support Policy for more details.


Make sure you have the following installed:

Install LoopBack 4 CLI to help create new projects as follows:

npm i -g @loopback/cli

To create your first LoopBack 4 application, see Getting Started.



See the following resources to get you started:

You can join the team by posting a comment to issue #110.


Project Architects

Raymond Feng Miroslav Bajtos Ritchie Martori
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Project Maintainers

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