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My eslint config.

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Language: JavaScript

License: MIT

Keywords: dont use this probably, eslint, lukekarrys

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This is my eslint config.

Use it if you want to write code exactly like me. It's probably not that useful to you though.

I'll probably change stuff quite a bit and just bump the patch version, and leave major versions for when I don't want to update existing projects to lint against the latest config.

Things it does

  • babel-eslint (or just ES6 for node stuff)
  • react
  • Some stuff copied from standard
  • Some stuff copied from the old 0.x.y eslint defaults


npm install @lukekarrys/eslint-config eslint eslint-plugin-import --save-dev
# If the project does babel/react stuff
npm install @lukekarrys/eslint-config eslint babel-eslint eslint-plugin-{babel,react,classes,promise,import} --save-dev
# Write eslitnrc configs for babel/react stuff
echo '{\n  "extends": "@lukekarrys/eslint-config"\n}' > .eslintrc
# or if its not using babel
echo '{\n  "extends": "@lukekarrys/eslint-config/no-babel"\n}' > .eslintrc





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3.0.1 May 08, 2017
3.0.0 March 19, 2017
2.1.11 November 15, 2016
2.1.10 November 14, 2016
2.1.9 October 28, 2016
2.1.8 September 09, 2016
2.1.7 August 12, 2016
2.1.6 August 11, 2016
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