A Quasar app extension to add GraphQL support

npm install @m8a/quasar-app-extension-graphql@1.0.0-alpha.4



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This is the official Quasar App-Extension for adding Graphql to your Quasar project.


This app extension adds Graphql support to your Quasar projects.

It uses Apollo Client and the Vue Apollo plugin.

Server side rendering (SSR) mode is also supported by this extension.


quasar ext add @m8a/quasar-app-extension-apollo

Quasar CLI will retrieve the extension from NPM (@quasar/quasar-app-extension-graphql)

Note: Some code will be added to the html template file of your app (src/index.template.html)


You will be prompted to enter the URI of your GraphQL endpoint. You can skip this and instead provide the URI using an env variable when running Quasar:

GRAPHQL_URI=https://prod.example.com/graphql quasar build
GRAPHQL_URI=https://dev.example.com/graphql quasar dev

If you don't have a GraphQL endpoint yet, you can create one to experiment with at FakeQL or other similar services.


quasar ext remove @m8a/quasar-app-extension-apollo

Note: The added code to the html template file (src/index.template.html) will be removed.

Warning Added directory src/quasar-app-extension-graphql will be removed, if you need make a backup before uninstalling the extension.


Apollo client can be configured through src/quasar-app-extension-graphql/apollo-client-config.js


Check the guide in Vue Apollo docs

Example usage:


    <!-- when the query response is not received yet, data from it is undefined,
    so before referring to it we need to use v-if -->
    <div v-if="post">
      GraphQL query result:<br>{{ post.title }}
    <div v-else>

import gql from 'graphql-tag'

export default {
  name: 'PageIndex',

  // https://apollo.vuejs.org/guide/apollo/#usage-in-vue-components
  apollo: {
    post: {
      query: gql`query {
        post(id: 5) {

Further Development Requirements

Base Requirements

  • - Question user to use either Apollo Boost or the more advanced configuration
  • - Make sure config is set up in an external file like quasar.apollo.conf.js or just apollo.conf.js
  • - Ask the user, if QEnv or QDotenv should also be installed for special/ confidential data
  • - Ask the user, if an Apollo Server should be created as a simple demo GraphQL backend
  • - Ask the user, if an example app should be installed, which will also need the GraphQL demo backend

Nice to Have

  • - Ask the user, if other GraphQL backends should be installed (i.e. Prisma or Yoga)