Design Tokens of Magnetis Astro

design-system, tokens
npm install @magnetis/astro-tokens@0.0.8




A design system by Magnetis 👩‍🚀

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Astro Tokens is package of default tokens used in Astro Native and used in projects based on Astro to make easier the development and standardize the design system.

Astro is created by designers, developers, product managers, data analysts, data scientists, stakeholders and enthusiasts, which helps us protect the brand concepts, elevate consistency of user experience and increase the speed and efficiency of how we design and build products for our customers.


We recommend you to use yarn cz when committing. That way, you'll be presented an interactive prompt to build out commit message. But don't worry, if you prefer to commit in any other way, our project uses CommitLint to make sure patterns are being followed.

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Found a bug? Please see if it was already reported on our issues page. If you can't find a matching report, you can open a new issue including as much information as you can gather. We appreciate it!

Any lingering questions? You can contact us at dev@magnetis.com.br.

Thank you for using Astro! 🎉