Blank template for NativeScript apps using Angular

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npm install @nativescript/template-blank-ng@8.1.1


NativeScript App Templates

App templates help you jump start your native cross-platform apps with built-in UI elements and best practices. Save time writing boilerplate code over and over again when you create new apps.

This monorepo contains the following NativeScript app templates:

Get Help

The NativeScript framework has a vibrant community that can help when you run into problems.

Try joining the NativeScript community Discord. The Discord channel is a great place to get help troubleshooting problems, as well as connect with other NativeScript developers.

If you have found an issue with this template, please report the problem in the NativeScript repository.


We love PRs, and accept them gladly. Feel free to propose changes and new ideas. We will review and discuss, so that they can be accepted and better integrated.


The templates are automatically released (CI) once they are merged to the main branch as long as the package.json version has been updated. Manual releases are not recommended, just bumping the version & pushing to the main branch is enough.

It is recommended to only bump the patch version when making changes - minor/major versions should generally be kep in sync with the NativeScript version (CLI).