Monorepo containing Aurora-maintained libraries for using the Rainbow Bridge

aurora-is-near, ethereum, nearprotocol, rainbow-bridge
npm install @near-eth/aurora-erc20@2.3.0


Rainbow Bridge Client Libraries

Monorepo containing NEAR-maintained libraries for using the Rainbow Bridge from an app (or, someday, CLI)

Install and Build Lint

Packages Version
@near-eth/client @near-eth/client Version
@near-eth/nep141-erc20 @near-eth/nep141-erc20 Version
@near-eth/near-ether @near-eth/near-ether Version
@near-eth/aurora-erc20 @near-eth/aurora-erc20 Version
@near-eth/aurora-ether @near-eth/aurora-ether Version
@near-eth/aurora-nep141 @near-eth/aurora-nep141 Version
@near-eth/utils @near-eth/utils Version
lite-merkle-patricia-tree lite-merkle-patricia-tree Version
find-replacement-tx find-replacement-tx Version


Want to help improve any of these libraries? Thank you! Here are some steps to get started with running this repository on your own machine:

  • Make sure you have Node.js and the latest yarn installed
  • Clone the code
  • cd into the repo

This project uses Yarn 2 in Zero-Install mode so you shouldn't have to run yarn install when you first clone this repository.

If you use an editor other than VS Code or vim to work on this codebase, you may want to add Yarn 2 editor support to your local project using yarn dlx @yarnpkg/pnpify --sdk. Settings for VS Code & vim are checked into the repo.

Now you should be able to run project scripts:

  • yarn lint
  • yarn workspaces foreach run build

You should also see eslint & TypeScript support in your editor.


Pull requests

This project follows the Yarn2 release workflow with deffered versioning.

Before a branch is merged run:

yarn version check -i

And select the appropriate release which should be applied for each package changed by the PR: patch(fix), minor(feature) or major(breaking change).

Commit .yarn/version.

Release the repository

Maintainers can run the following to apply deferred releases:

yarn version apply --all

Update the repository CHANGELOG:

yarn changelog

Commit and push master (also commit .yarn/version):

git commit -m "chore: release v2.0.0"
git tag v2.0.0

NPM release a package

yarn build
cd packages/package-name
yarn npm publish --access public