A Badass NestJS module for querying your app's controllers, providers and handlers

NestJS, discovery, modules, event-management, express, graphql, hasura, javascript, microservices, nodejs, plugins, rabbitmq, typescript
npm install @nestjs-plus/discovery@2.0.2


A collection of Badass modules and utilities to help you level up your NestJS application.

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The various packages are managed using Yarn Workspaces and Lerna and published under the @golevelup organization on NPM.

Common - @golevelup/nestjs-common

  • Mixin Utilities

Discovery - @golevelup/nestjs-discovery

  • DiscoveryModule for finding providers, controllers and method handlers from your NestJS app that have certain metadata

RabbitMQ - @golevelup/nestjs-rabbitmq

  • A NestJS native module for RabbitMQ that supports both RPC and Publish/Subscribe messaging patterns

Modules - @golevelup/nestjs-modules

  • A NestJS Dynamic Module helper. Useful for configuring once and importing anywhere else.

Typescript & Jest Testing - @golevelup/ts-jest

  • Testing utilities that bring additional productivity and type saftey to Jest and Typescript.