Angular 13 file upload core package for async file uploads in angular containing validation, upload queue and async uploading.

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npm install @ngx-file-upload/core@5.0.0


ngx file upload

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Angular 13 Mono Repo for asynchronous file uploads.

Formerly @ r-hannuschka / ngx-fileupload library which has now been divided into 2 areas.

  • ngx-file-upload / core which only contain services / classes to enable file upload with Angular
  • ngx-file-upload / ui which contains the components / pipes to provide a UI.

This ensures that if a completely own UI is to be built (without ngx-file-upload / ui) the overhead of SCSS, fonts, images and components no longer exists.

ngx file upload demo on youtube

core files for async file uploads with angular npm
ui components for ngx-file-upload npm
full package contains (ui and core) (no longer maintained) npm


Watch Demo to see ngx fileupload in action, customizing views and add validations.


Special thanks for code reviews, great improvements and ideas to

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Konrad Mattheis
Thomas Haenig
Thomas Haenig
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Alexander Görlich


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