> The [Webpack](https://webpack.js.org) bundler for Nuxt 3

framework, nuxt, vue
npm install @nuxt/webpack-builder@3.0.0-rc.4


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Welcome to Nuxt 3 repository

📖 Documentation

Read Online Docs.

🐞 Reporting bugs

Check out Reporting Bugs page.

💡 Suggestions

Check out Contribution page.


Check out Getting Help page.

💻 Development

  • Clone repository
  • Ensure you have the latest LTS version of Node.js installed
  • Install dependencies with npx yarn install
  • Run npx yarn stub to activate passive development
  • Open playground with npx yarn play

Learn more about in our documentation on how to contribute to Nuxt.

📖 Documentation

We are using Docus for documentation (It is planned to be open sourced it in the following weeks).

We recommend to install the Docus extension for VS Code.

  • Go into the docs directory: cd docs
  • Install docs dependencies with npx yarn install
  • Run npx yarn dev to start Docus in development mode

The pages are generated from docs/content/, you can start editing them to start helping us on documenting Nuxt 3 💚