OpenTelemetry net module automatic instrumentation package.

opentelemetry, net, connect, nodejs, tracing, profiling, instrumentation
npm install @opentelemetry/instrumentation-net@0.24.0


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About this project

This is a repository for OpenTelemetry JavaScript contributions that are not part of the core repository and core distribution of the API and SDK.


OpenTelemetry can collect tracing data automatically using instrumentations. Vendors/Users can also create and use their own. Currently, OpenTelemetry supports automatic tracing for:

Node Instrumentations

Web Instrumentations


Multiple instrumentations may be leveraged via metapackages.

Resource Detectors

OpenTelemetry can collect resource attributes of the entity that producing telemetry. For example, a process producing telemetry that is running in a container on Kubernetes has a Pod name, it is in a namespace and possibly is part of a Deployment which also has a name. All three of these attributes can be included in the Resource.

Currently, OpenTelemetry supports automatic collection for following environments:

Supported Runtimes

Platform Version Supported
Node.JS v14
Node.JS v12
Node.JS v10
Node.JS v8 See Node Support below
Web Browsers See Browser Support below

Node Support

Automated tests are run using the latest release of each currently active version of Node.JS. While Node.JS v8 is no longer supported by the Node.JS team, the latest version of Node.JS v8 is still included in our testing suite. Please note that versions of Node.JS v8 prior to v8.5.0 will NOT work, because OpenTelemetry Node depends on the perf_hooks module introduced in v8.5.0

Browser Support

Automated browser tests are run in the latest version of Headless Chrome. There is currently no list of officially supported browsers, but OpenTelemetry is developed using standard web technologies with wide support and should work in currently supported versions of major browsers.


We'd love your help!. Use tags up-for-grabs and good first issue to get started with the project. Follow CONTRIBUTING guide to report issues or submit a proposal.

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Apache 2.0 - See LICENSE for more information.