WARNING: ORBITAL IS CURRENTLY IN ALPHA. That means that some APIs may be subject to change. When building larger-scale applications in alpha, please be sure to lock in your dependency version to avoid conflicts.

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Orbital is a one-stop shop for making awesome Node.js/Express APIs in TypeScript. Inspired by Angular, we want to make it easy to make Node.js APIs for anyone.

Orbital uses TypeScript, Express, and MongoDB, as these are industry standard. They're a friggin pleasure to use, and Orbital makes it even easier to use them.


I was writing an API for Canal, and I found that I had to write a significant amount of extra code to just get and save data from my database. Then it hit me: there should be a framework for this. So I am making it right now! Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Getting Started

The best way to start using Orbital is to check out the starter project. It has thorough documentation and a detailed hello-world app to get you started using Orbital. Feel free to use it for your own projects, too! We're currently working on writing detailed docs for Orbital, but when they are available, they will be listed here.

You can also start by running npm install --save @orbital/core to your project and starting from scratch!


Security issues can be sent to Please do not make an issue on the repository, as this could expose the vulnerability to potential hackers.