A pattern for interactive tables.

npm install @patternslib/pat-sortable-table@1.1.0




Pattern to create sort- and filterable tables.

Options reference

Property Default Value Values Type Description
paging-type numbers numbers simple simple_numbers full full_numbers first_last_numbers String Type of batch/paging navigation menu.
page-length 20 Any number Integer Number of items per page.
page-length-menu [10, 20, 50, 100] Array of integers Entries for the pagingation length menu.
language-info "Page PAGE of PAGES" String Text for pagination.
language-info-empty "Showing 0 to 0 of 0 entries" String Info text when filtering leads to no results.
language-info-filtered "(filtered from MAX total entries)" String Info text when filtering.
language-length-menu "Show MENU entries per page." String Text for pagination.
language-zero-records "No results found." String Text shown when filtering leads to no results.
language-search "Search" String Label for the search field.
language-search-placeholder "Search term" String Placeholder for the search field.