A collection of front-end build tools + pre-packaged local front-end dev environment.

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npm install @pegakit/build-tools@1.0.3


Four Kitchens dependencies Status

Fourk gulp

A collection of useful gulp tasks.

How to use it

  • npm i --save-dev fourkitchens/fourk-gulp
    • This will install the master branch. Please add #tag/branchname at the end if you need a certain branch/tag.
  • Add the following to your project's gulp file. This will pass gulp and config along to the newly installed tasks.
const gulp = require('gulp-help')(require('gulp'));
const _ = require('lodash');
let localConfig = {};

// Attempt to load an optional local configuration file.
try {
  localConfig = require('./local.gulp-config');
catch (e) {}

// Load all gulp tasks.
require('fourk-gulp')(gulp, localConfig);
  • The gulp-config.js file is still used and most likely would be committed to the project repo. The local.gulp-config could be used to override config for your machine and should be gitignored.
  • You'll now be able to execute any task in this repo. Run gulp help for more info on these tasks.