Tool for parsing and generating EMA Avails

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npm install @pivotshare/avails@1.2.0



Transform Avails metadata to/from TSV, JSON, and XLSX.


Content Availability Metadata, or avails, is an Entertainment industry term for information about the time, location and business rules relating to offering a media asset, e.g. a movie or a television show.

This tool conforms to EMA Avails spreadsheet template Version 1.6e2.


You can use Avails as a CLI or a library.

as library:

var Avails = require('avails'); // npm install avails
var obj = Avails.fromTSVLine('SomeFilmStudio\tEN\tUS\tMovie'); // etc
// { display_name: 'SomeFilmStudio', store_language: 'EN', territory : 'US', work_type: 'Movie', ... }

as CLI:

# npm install -g avails
# avails --help
avails -i json -o xlsx <movies.json > movies.xlsx

run the tests:

npm test

Avails as JSON

This tool uses an unofficial intermediary JSON format for reading/writing Avails. It has a 1-1 mapping with the columns of the Excel-based standard. Keys (columns) are in snake_case. Values are always strings. See schema for header values and test/mock for examples.

Excel was chosen over the XML standard for modeling since most vendors prefer that format.

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