A reSolve module that adds uploader commands to an application.

cqrs, eventsourcing, es, ddd, es6, event-sourcing, nodejs, react, reactive, redux
npm install @resolve-js/module-uploader@0.34.2


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CQRS DDD Event Sourcing React Redux

reSolve is a full stack functional JavaScript framework.

🚀 Getting Started


Make sure you have NodeJS version 14.17 or higher.

Use create-resolve-app package to create a new reSolve application. The easiest way is to use npx

npx create-resolve-app my-awesome-app
cd my-awesome-app
npm run dev
You can also use npm or yarn tools


Note: Installing a package globally may require administrative privileges.

npm i -g create-resolve-app
create-resolve-app my-awesome-app
cd my-awesome-app
npm run dev


yarn create resolve-app my-awesome-app
cd my-awesome-app
yarn run dev

Your application will be running at http://localhost:3000/.

Creating a new app with a code example

There are several code examples provided. You can add code from these examples into your projects. To list the available examples use the create-resolve-app -h command.

To create a new application with the code of the specific example use the create-resolve-app command with the -e flag followed by the example's name.

For instance, to run the shopping-list example, run:

npx create-resolve-app resolve-example -e shopping-list

📚 Documentation

You can find reSolve documentation in the docs section.

To get started with reSolve, see the step-by-step tutorial.

📢 Get in Touch

reSolve is developed by Developer Express Inc.