Runnerty module: Cypress

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npm install @runnerty/executor-cypress@3.2.0


Smart Processes Management

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Cypress executor for Runnerty:

Cypress wrapper.


Through NPM

npm i @runnerty/executor-cypress

You can also add modules to your project with runnerty

npx runnerty add @runnerty/executor-cypress

This command installs the module in your project, adds example configuration in your config.json and creates an example plan of use.

If you have installed runnerty globally you can include the module with this command:

runnerty add @runnerty/executor-cypress

Please check Cypress system requirements.

Configuration sample:

Add in config.json:

  "id": "cypress_default",
  "type": "@runnerty-executor-cypress"

Plan sample:

Add in plan.json:

  "id": "cypress_default",
  "exec": {
    "id": "cypress_default",
    "browser": "chrome",
    "configFile": false,
    "config": {
      "integrationFolder": "./tests"

Plan advanced:

Add in plan.json:

  "id": "cypress_default",
  "browser": "chrome",
  "group": "MY_GROUP",
  "tag": "production",
  "key": "MY_SECRET_KEY",
  "port": "8080",
  "headed": false,
  "headless": true,
  "quiet": true,
  "record": false,
  "reporter": "junit",
  "reporterOptions": {
    "mochaFile": false,
    "toConsole": false
  "spec": ".tests/my_test.spec.js",
  "config": {
    "baseUrl": "https://runnerty.io",
    "env": {
      "MY_ENV_1": "@GV(MY_VAL_TO_ENV_1)"
    "chromeWebSecurity": true,
    "numTestsKeptInMemory": 50,
    "defaultCommandTimeout": 4000,
    "execTimeout": 60000,
    "pageLoadTimeout": 60000,
    "requestTimeout": 5000,
    "responseTimeout": 30000,
    "taskTimeout": 60000,
    "fileServerFolder": "./",
    "fixturesFolder": "cypress/fixtures",
    "integrationFolder": "cypress/integration",
    "downloadsFolder": "cypress/downloads",
    "pluginsFile": "cypress/plugins/index.js",
    "screenshotsFolder": "cypress/screenshots",
    "videosFolder": "cypress/videos",
    "ignoreTestFiles": "**/ignoredTestFiles/*.js",
    "screenshotOnRunFailure": false,
    "nodeVersion": "bundled",
    "supportFile": false,
    "trashAssetsBeforeRuns": true,
    "videoCompression": 32,
    "video": false,
    "videoUploadOnPasses": true,
    "viewportHeight": 660,
    "viewportWidth": 1000,
    "animationDistanceThreshold": 5,
    "waitForAnimations": true,
    "scrollBehavior": "top",
    "firefoxGcInterval": { "runMode": 1, "openMode": null },
    "experimentalRunEvents": false,
    "experimentalSourceRewriting": false,
    "experimentalStudio": false,
    "retries": { "runMode": 0, "openMode": 0 },
    "includeShadowDom": false


Parameter Description
browser Specify different browser to run tests in, either by name or by filesystem path. default: chrome.
ciBuildId Specify a unique identifier for a run to enable grouping or parallelization
group Group recorded tests together under a single run name
tag Tag string for the recorded run, like 'production,nightly'
headed Display the browser instead of running headlessly
headless Hide the browser instead of running headed. default: true.
key Specify your secret record key
parallel Run recorded specs in parallel across multiple machines
port Override default port
quiet Run quietly, using only the configured reporter. default: true.
record Whether to record the test run
reporterOptions Specify mocha reporter options.
spec Specify the specs to run
configFile Path to the config file to be used. If false is passed, no config file will be used.

Config param options:

Parameter Description
baseUrl Url used as prefix for cy.visit() or cy.request() command’s url
env Any values to be set as environment variables
ignoreTestFiles A String or Array of glob patterns used to ignore test files that would otherwise be shown in your list of tests. Cypress uses minimatch with the options: {dot: true, matchBase: true}. We suggest using http://globtester.com to test what files would match.
numTestsKeptInMemory The number of tests for which snapshots and command data are kept in memory. Reduce this number if you are experiencing high memory consumption in your browser during a test run.
reporterOptions Some reporters accept reporterOptions that customize their behavior
port Port used to host Cypress. Normally this is a randomly generated port
reporter The reporter used when running headlessly or in CI
defaultCommandTimeout Time, in milliseconds, to wait until most DOM based commands are considered timed out
execTimeout Time, in milliseconds, to wait for a system command to finish executing during a cy.exec() command
pageLoadTimeout Time, in milliseconds, to wait for page transition events or cy.visit(), cy.go(), cy.reload() commands to fire their page load events
requestTimeout Time, in milliseconds, to wait for an XHR request to go out in a cy.wait() command
responseTimeout Time, in milliseconds, to wait until a response in a cy.request()
taskTimeout Time, in milliseconds, to wait for a task to finish executing during a cy.task() command
fileServerFolder Path to folder where application files will attempt to be served from
fixturesFolder Path to folder containing fixture files (Pass false to disable). default: 'cypress/fixtures'
integrationFolder Path to folder containing integration test files. default: 'cypress/integration'
downloadsFolder Path to folder where files downloaded during a test are saved. default: 'cypress/downloads'
nodeVersion If set to system, Cypress will try to find a node executable on your path to use when executing your plugins. Otherwise, Cypress will use the Node version bundled with Cypress. default: 'bundled'
pluginsFile Path to plugins file. (Pass false to disable). default: 'cypress/plugins/index.js'
resolvedNodePath If nodeVersion === 'system' and a node executable is found, this will be the full filesystem path to that executable.
resolvedNodeVersion The version of node that is being used to execute plugins. example 1.2.3
screenshotOnRunFailure Whether Cypress will take a screenshot when a test fails during cypress run.
screenshotsFolder Path to folder where screenshots will be saved from cy.screenshot() command or after a headless or CI run’s test failure. default: 'cypress/screenshots'
supportFile Path to file to load before test files load. This file is compiled and bundled. (Pass false to disable). default: 'cypress/support/index.js'
videosFolder Path to folder where videos will be saved after a headless or CI run. default: 'cypress/videos'
trashAssetsBeforeRuns Whether Cypress will trash assets within the screenshotsFolder and videosFolder before headless test runs. default: true.
videoCompression The quality setting for the video compression, in Constant Rate Factor (CRF). The value can be false to disable compression or a value between 0 and 51, where a lower value results in better quality (at the expense of a higher file size). default: 32
video Whether Cypress will record a video of the test run when running headlessly. default: false.
videoUploadOnPasses Whether Cypress will upload the video to the Dashboard even if all tests are passing. This applies only when recording your runs to the Dashboard. Turn this off if you’d like the video uploaded only when there are failing tests. default: true.
chromeWebSecurity Whether Chrome Web Security for same-origin policy and insecure mixed content is enabled. Read more about this here. default: true.
viewportHeight Default height in pixels for the application under tests’ viewport (Override with cy.viewport() command). default: 660.
viewportWidth Default width in pixels for the application under tests’ viewport. (Override with cy.viewport() command). default: 1000.
animationDistanceThreshold The distance in pixels an element must exceed over time to be considered animating. default: 5.
waitForAnimations Whether to wait for elements to finish animating before executing commands. default: true.
scrollBehavior Viewport position to which an element should be scrolled prior to action commands. Setting false disables scrolling. default: 'top'
firefoxGcInterval Firefox version 79 and below only: The number of tests that will run between forced garbage collections. default: { runMode: 1, openMode: null }
experimentalRunEvents Allows listening to the before:run, after:run, before:spec, and after:spec events in the plugins file. default: false.
experimentalSourceRewriting Enables AST-based JS/HTML rewriting. This may fix issues caused by the existing regex-based JS/HTML replacement algorithm. default: false.
experimentalStudio Generate and save commands directly to your test suite by interacting with your app as an end user would.. default: false.
retries Number of times to retry a failed test. If a number is set, tests will retry in both runMode and openMode. To enable test retries only in runMode, set e.g. { openMode: null, runMode: 2 }. default: null
includeShadowDom Enables including elements within the shadow DOM when using querying. commands (e.g. cy.get(), cy.find()). Can be set globally in cypress.json per-suite or per-test in the test configuration object, or programmatically with Cypress.config(), default: false.

These parameters will always have the fixed values to avoid conflicts:

Parameter Description
noExit Keep Cypress open after all tests run. Fixed value: false
reporter Specify a mocha reporter. Fixed value: 'junit'
watchForFileChanges Whether Cypress will watch and restart tests on test file changes: Fixed value: false
reporterOptions/toConsole Specify mocha reporter options: toConsole. Fixed value: false

Output (Process values):


  • PROCESS_EXEC_MSG_OUTPUT: Cypress summary message.
  • PROCESS_EXEC_ERR_OUTPUT: Error output message.

Results output

  • PROCESS_EXEC_DATA_OUTPUT: Cypress Json stringify output.

It is also possible to access the rest of the values returned by Cypress. Some examples:

  • PROCESS_EXEC_TOTALDURATION: Total time duration
  • PROCESS_EXEC_TOTALPASSED: Total number of passed
  • PROCESS_EXEC_TOTALPENDING: Total number of pending
  • PROCESS_EXEC_TOTALFAILED: Total number of failures
  • PROCESS_EXEC_TOTALSKIPPED: Total number of skipped
  • PROCESS_EXEC_TOTALSKIPPED: Total number of skipped
  • PROCESS_EXEC_TOTALSKIPPED: Total number of skipped
  • PROCESS_EXEC_TOTALSUITES: Total number of suites
  • PROCESS_EXEC_TOTALTESTS: Total number of tests
  • PROCESS_EXEC_RUNS_0_STATE: State of test number 1
  • PROCESS_EXEC_RUNS_0_STATE: State of test number 1
  • PROCESS_EXEC_RUNS_0_DISPLAYERROR: Display error of test number 1
  • PROCESS_EXEC_RUNS_0_SCREENSHOTS_0: ScreenShot path 1 of test number 1
  • PROCESS_EXEC_RUNS_0_VIDEO: Video of test number 1