Commitizen adapter for sui packages

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npm install @s-ui/cz@1.11.0


SUI (Schibsted User Interface)

Monorepo of SUI packages.

SUI is a set of packages which goal to ease development of SUI-based components and web apps, providing:

  • Unified stack (and workflow) easily updateable accross all sui based projects.
  • Minification of boilerplate. Boilerplate is tedious and copied code. Hardest to update...
  • Differents tools and services that solve only one problem each.
  • Transparency for developer (changes and improvements have no impact on DX)
  • Facilitates tooling development as asumptions can be made on the stack of each package.


Add ./node_modules/.bin/ to your $PATH

Many SUI packages provide a CLI as a service. The binaries are declared in the package.json bin key.

To make all npm binaries available in your command line, you should add bin directory to your $PATH:

$ export PATH="$PATH:./node_modules/.bin"

Available packages

Name Description
babel-preset-sui A babel preset for SUI components common syntax
sui-bundler Config-free bundler for ES6 React apps
sui-changelog CLI to retrieve a changelog from a set of dependencies
sui-component-dependencies A set of common dependencies for all SUI components
sui-component-peer-dependencies A set of peer dependencies for all SUI components.
sui-cz A commitizen adapter for semantic commits
sui-decorators Set of ES6 decorators to improve your apps.
sui-deploy CLI to deploy of sui-based projects.
sui-domain Backbone for creating a domain that complains with the guidelines of Schibsted Spain.
sui-helpers A set of internal helpers used by sui-related packages.
sui-hoc React utility belt for function components and higher-order components
sui-i18n Isomorphic i18n service for browser and node
sui-js Javascript utilities
sui-lint CLI to lint your code and make it compliant to SUI official rules
sui-mockmock Mocking utilities for testing.
sui-mono Simple CLI for monorepo/multipackage commits, releases, etc.
sui-perf React performance graphs in terminal (SSR support)
sui-polyfills Polyfills to load on our projects
sui-precommit Effortless SUI precommit rules integration in your project
sui-react-domain-connector Connect any React component to your domain use cases
sui-react-initial-props Initial data fetching for your react app
sui-ssr Plug SSR to you SUI SPA
sui-studio-create CLI to create a new catalog of components
sui-studio-utils A set of sui-studio usable tools.
sui-studio Develop, maintain and publish your SUI components catalog.
sui-svg Converts your SVG files into React Components
sui-test Zero config testing tool.
sui-widget-embedder Widget development server and build for production