## Overview

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npm install @sassoftware/va-report-components@1.2.0


SAS Visual Analytics SDK


The SAS Visual Analytics SDK is a set of JavaScript APIs and web components that enable SAS Visual Analytics report content to be easily embedded in a third-party application or web page. Entire reports or individual report objects can be embedded, and the content is fully interactive. This functionality is delivered as the va-report-components JavaScript library.


Access to a deployment of SAS Visual Analytics 8.4 (or later) is necessary in order to use the SDK. For more information about server set up, see SAS Viya setup.



The @sassoftware/va-report-components library is published to NPM and can be installed by running the npm install command as shown below. va-report-components does not support ES6 imports. Therefore, the contents of the va-report-components/dist folder must be deployed with your page, and then loaded using a script tag.

# From the root directory of your project
npm install @sassoftware/va-report-components

# Copy the contents of the package to an asset folder for deployment
cp -r ./node_modules/@sassoftware/va-report-components ./sdk-assets

The library can then be loaded out of the deployed assets folder using a script tag.

<script async src="./sdk-assets/dist/umd/va-report-components.js"></script>

CDN (Content Delivery Network)

Accessing the va-report-components library from a CDN is easy. It does not require installation or hosting of the library code and assets. There are several public options for accessing NPM content through a CDN, such as UNPKG and jsDelivr. Here is an example of loading the 1.2.0 version of va-report-components from UNPKG using an HTML script tag. When used in production, the version should be pinned to the full major.minor.patch semantic version.

<script async src="https://unpkg.com/@sassoftware/va-report-components@1.2.0/dist/umd/va-report-components.js"></script>

Getting Started

For guides and an API reference, see developer.sas.com.


Full examples are located in the examples folder of this repository.


The SAS Visual Analytics SDK is not open for external contributions.


This project is licensed under this commercial license.

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