Servant data definition module.

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npm install @servant/servant-data@0.1.36


Servant Servant builder

Quick references: Command line, Node API, servant.json, dev-server

What is it?

Servant builder is simple build runner that can provide simple building modularized large projects. With Servant you have control for used libraries, building, publishing. You can control version, manage and keep single version of libraries across your modules. Servant is able to build single module and replace local dependencies for global. Servant is tool that's try to teach the best way of multi modules large project can be maintained. It's try to be simple but powerful tool and good servant :wink:

Servant preview


You can use playground that is used for trying Servant in real project. Servant playground has it's own repo and can be accessed on link More info is inside this repo!

Command line

If you want to use Servant as command line, go to this section.


If you want to use Servant as module, go to this section.

Servant.json structure

If you want to read information about structure servant.json, go to this section.

Development server

Servant support development server. If you want to read more go to this section.