Guesses the PCB layer type given a filename of a Gerber or drill file

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npm install @stemn/whats-that-gerber@2.1.2


what's that gerber?

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Identify the probable PCB layer type of a Gerber or drill file by its filename.


var whatsThatGerber = require('whats-that-gerber')

var filename = 'my-board-F_Cu.gbr'
var layerType = whatsThatGerber(filename)              // 'tcu'
var layerName = whatsThatGerber.getFullName(layerType) // 'top copper'

layer types and names

There are 12 available layer types. You can get an array of all types with:

var whatsThatGerber = require('whats-that-gerber')
var allLayerTypes = whatsThatGerber.getAllTypes() // ['drw', 'tcu', ...]
type full name (en)
drw gerber drawing
tcu top copper
tsm top soldermask
tss top silkscreen
tsp top solderpaste
bcu bottom copper
bsm bottom soldermask
bss bottom silkscreen
bsp bottom solderpaste
icu inner copper
out board outline
drl drill hits

checking if a layer type is valid

You can check if any given string is a valid layer type with:

var whatsThatGerber = require('whats-that-gerber')
var isValidType = whatsThatGerber.isValidType

var type1 = 'tsm'
var type2 = 'hello'

console.log(isValidType(type1)) // true
console.log(isValidType(type2)) // false

full name locales

The full name method takes a locale string as its second parameter, which defaults to 'en':

var fullName = whatsThatGerber.getFullName('tcu', 'en')

Currently, no other locales are supported (because I don't know any!); contributions are greatly appreciated. If the type or locale is unrecognized, the result will be an empty string. Locale additions will be considered patch-level upgrades.

supported cad programs

We should be able to identify files output by the following programs:

  • KiCad
  • Eagle
  • Altium
  • Orcad
  • gEDA PCB
  • Proteus


  1. $ git clone tracespace/whats-that-gerber
  2. $ npm install
  3. $ npm test

If adding / modifying a filetype matcher, please remember to add / modify an example filename in test/filenames-by-cad.json.