Transforms to parse and stringify ndjson

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npm install @studio/ndjson@2.0.0


Studio ndjson

☯️ Transforms to parse and stringify ndjson.

This module also works in the browser using a naive stream shim for small Browserify bundles.


To stringify an object stream into ndjson:

const StringifyTransform = require('@studio/ndjson/stringify');

object_stream.pipe(new StringifyTransform()).pipe(process.stdout);

To parse ndjson into an object stream:

const ParseTransform = require('@studio/ndjson/parse');

process.stdin.pipe(new ParseTransform()).pipe(object_stream);


❯ npm i @studio/ndjson


Require the transform you need:

  • @studio/ndjson/stringify: Exports the StringifyTransform class which reads objects and writes strings.
  • @studio/ndjson/parse: Exports the ParseTransform class which reads strings and writes objects.

The module main exports StringifyTransform and ParseTransform if you need both:

const { StringifyTransform, ParseTransform } = require('@studio/ndjson');

ParseTransform options

The ParseTransform constructor accepts an options object with these properties:

  • loose: Whether to ignore data before the first { in each line.
  • loose_out: A stream to receive data that was found before the first { in each line. Implies loose.

Error handling

If JSON.parse or JSON.stringify throw an error, the transform emits an error event with the error object having a code property with ERR_JSON_PARSE or ERR_JSON_STRINGIFY. For parse errors, the line property on the error is the string that could not be parsed.

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