This package contains info of parachain projects used in Subscan parachain module based on @polkadot/apps-config.

subscan, polkadot, parachain
npm install @subscan/parachains-info@2.1.36



This repo contains info of projects used in Subscan parachain module based on @polkadot/apps-config.


  • The data will be displayed in Subscan(EG-1, EG-2), please be sure to fill in the real information. It is recommended to use the github account of the project member to submit.

  • All the items are optional, fill in " " for those that cannot be answered at present.

  • Please use the owner account that submitted registrar_reserve to sign the project information, and fill in the signature. We will compare the submitted information with the signature. If it does not match, the pr will not be merged.

  • After each update of the project information, please sign the latest data and submit the signature.

  • Signature tool: For Polkadot, For Kusama , For Rococo , For Westend.

Welcome to pr to update your project information.

How to request a change of network

How to start

Here is a pr example for your reference.

If you want to request new project info, You need to prepare these files:

  1. description file (<network>.json)
  2. network icon image as SVG or PNG (recommend 512x512 and SVG)
  3. cover image as SVG or PNG (unnecessary)

If you want to request new/updated project info, You need to follow these steps:

(If you have submitted project info and only want to update resouces without a description file, you can skip the signature step)

  1. put your description file in the right folder like networks/kusama/parachain/<network>.json
  2. put your images to assets/images/<network>.<svg/png>
  3. go polkadot apps signing to sign your description file content (paste all content of the description file) with The parachain owner account
  4. make a pull request to our repo, and replace placeholders of Para ID Owner & Signature Account and Signature Hash of Signature Auto check by the Owner account and Signature
  5. check all of the checklist
  6. done, now you can create and wait for the Signature Checker to pass your request, and our team will double-check and confirm your request
  7. after pr is merged, we will release new version (usually in one or two days), and project info will be updated on Subscan.

How to make a description file

Here is a template.json you can refer to, don't worry about indentation and spaces, you just need to make sure it's in valid JSON format

Why the Signature Checker report Not-Verified

  1. Make sure you haven't changed other formats except for angle brackets(<>) and included words
  2. Make sure the signature you put is made by the same Parachain Owner
  3. Make sure your description file is in valid JSON format
  4. Probably our Signature checker give up its job :(

If up there is nothing to help, contact us, and we will help you manually verify your request.