MultiToken Connector for Tatum API

tatum, tatumio, blockchain
npm install @tatumio/multitoken-connector@1.1.6


Tatum Blockchain Connector

This repository is used as a place to find all connectors to the blockchains, which are integrated inside Tatum API.


There is a blueprint folder, where there is an example connector prepared for you. You should extend *Controller.ts and *Service.ts files and implement the required methods, you would like to expose via Tatum API to the developers. On top of that, there are <blockchain>-connector directories, where custom integrations are being created. Feel free to fork the repo, create your connector and open a PR. All common files which are used across connectors are located in common folder.

Integration to Tatum API

Before the integration itself, please read Integration guide. As soon as you finish and test your connector, please reach out to the Tatum team on Telegram. They will then integrate your blockchain inside the Tatum API.


If you need support please enter Telegram group and ask for support to Tatum Integration Team.

Existing connectors