Design tokens for United Nations World Data Forum websites.

react, components, styled-components, styled-system
npm install @undataforum/tokens@0.6.0



This monorepo contains reusable React components for United Nations World Data Forum websites. It contains the following packages:

Check the README files in each package for more details.

Publishing NPM packages

NPM packages are published to the GitHub Package Registry and no longer to You can explore packages at

Packages are published with Lerna using Conventional Commits and independent versioning. The publish configuration is in lerna.json.

In order to publish packages to the GitHub package registry, you need to configure the following GitHub tokens:

  • A token with public_repo permission assigned to environment variable GH_TOKEN in your ~/.bashrc. This allows Lerna to add version tags when publishing a package.
  • A token with permissions read:packages and write:packages. This token needs to be added to ~/.npmrc as described here.

Then you can run

npx lerna publish

to have Lerna publish all packages.