Vidstack Player

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Spec-compliant customizable, extensible, accessible and universal media elements. The successor to Vime 5.x and Plyr 3.x.

🚨 Alpha

This pre-release is not yet feature complete or API stable. Please use at your own risk until the stable release is available. Issues are welcome for unexpected changes.

📖 Documentation

Documentation is currently not available.

🖥️ Browsers

Vidstack Player is built for the modern web and avoids bloated polyfills and outdated environments as much as possible. It'll only support browsers that fully implement the Custom Elements V1 and CSS Parts specifications.

  • Edge 79+
  • Firefox 72+
  • Chrome 73+
  • Safari 13.1+
  • Opera 64+
  • iOS Safari 13.7+
  • Android Browser 81+
  • Opera Mobile 59+
  • Chrome for Android 88+

🔨 Contributing


📝 License

Vidstack Player is MIT licensed.

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