WarpJS map browser plugin

Warp-Works, WarpJS, MapBrowser
npm install @warp-works/warpjs-map-plugin@2.0.2



This plugin will display a relationship between entities. Let's imagine the following simplified schema example:

  • State
    • City
  • Transport
    • TransportCompany
  • Utility
    • UtilityCompany
  • Price

One use would be to display the Price for a given City and TransportCompany. Imagine the following fictive example:

For State XYZ and Taxi:

City S City SW City N City E
Taxi South X X
Taxi North X
Taxi East X
Taxi West X
Taxi All X X X X


Add the following configuration section to your projects:

  "plugins": [
      "name": "@warp-works/warpjs-map-plugin",
      "path": "/map",
      "config": {
        "domainName": "Your-schema-domain",
        "mapMarkerType": "Your-Map-Entity",
        "mapTypes": [
        "paginationSettings": {
          "xs": 3,
          "sm": 4,
          "md": 5,
          "lg": 5
  • mapMarkerType is the entity name that is used has intersection between sub-columns and sub-rows.

  • mapTypes are the entity names that are available as columns or rows. The first map type is used as the default column type, when none are defined. The second map type is used as the default row type, when none are defined. The logic is as follow:

    • If neither column nor row are defined, the first one is taken as column and the second one as row;
    • If column is defined but not the row, the first item in the mapTypes list that is not the column is used as the row.
    • If both column and row are defined, they will be used.
  • The remaining map types will be used as alternative row options.

Each of these types must have a sub entity (an entity that the parent entity is the given type).

Exposed routes

This plugin exposes the following routes:

  • W2:plugin:map:main To access the default map browser configuration.
  • W2:plugin:map:column To access a specific entity as column.
  • W2:plugin:map:column-row To access specific entities as column and row.