To compute CRC16-CCITT values.

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npm install @wawit/crc16-ccitt@0.0.4


CRC For Node.js


This module can compute different types of CRC checksum by using N-API.


Run npm i or npm install to install.

npm install node-crc

If you want to save this module to package.json, please add --save option.

npm install node-crc --save


Import this module by using require function.

const crc = require('node-crc');


You can use crc function to compute a CRC value by providing the length of bits, expression, reflection, an initial value and a final xor value. For example, if you want to compute a CRC-24 value.

var result = crc.crc(24, false, 0x00864cfb, 0x00000000, 0x00b704ce, 0x00000000, 0x00000000, 0x00000000, Buffer.from('hello', 'utf8')).toString('hex');
// Arguments: the length of bits, reflection, low bits of expression, high bits of expression, low bits of the initial value, high bits of the initial value, low bits of the final xor value, high bits of the final xor value, the source data buffer

To simplify the usage, there are several common versions of CRC whose computing functions are already built-in.

  • crc8(crc8atm)
  • crc8cdma
  • crc16(crc16ibm)
  • crc16ccitt(crcccitt)
  • crc32(crc32ieee, also called crc32b in mhash)
  • crc32mhash
    • mhash is a common library which has two weird versions of CRC32 called crc32 and crc32b. crc32 and crc32mhash in this module are crc32b and crc32 in mhash respectively.
  • crc32c
  • crc64(crc64ecma)
  • crc64iso
  • crc64jones

Input data and output data are buffers.

For instance,

var result = crc.crc32(Buffer.from('hello', 'utf8')).toString('hex');
var result2 = crc.crc64(Buffer.from('world', 'utf8')).toString('hex');


To run the test suite, first install the dependencies, then run npm test:

npm install
npm test


To run the benchmark suite, first install the dependencies, then run npm run benchmark:

npm install
npm run benchmark

Here is my result,

  - 76 milliseconds
  - Result HEX: 60
  ✓ another crc module (77ms)
  - 67 milliseconds
  - Result HEX: 60
  ✓ this module (67ms)

  - 84 milliseconds
  - Result HEX: 94bc
  ✓ another crc module (84ms)
  - 70 milliseconds
  - Result HEX: 94bc
  ✓ this module (70ms)

  - 122 milliseconds
  - Result HEX: ab526987
  ✓ another crc module (122ms)
  - 68 milliseconds
  - Result HEX: ab526987
  ✓ this module (68ms)

  - I cannot compute CRC-64!
  ✓ another crc module
  - 74 milliseconds
  - Result HEX: aa9d25ffe7f7c6fd
  ✓ this module (74ms)