A pagination table for BootstrapVue with AJAX fetch and server side pagination options.

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npm install @xactsystems/b-pagination-table@1.0.22



A pagination table for BootstrapVue with AJAX fetch and server side pagination options.

Internally the component uses b-pagination and b-table combined into a single component. All the props and slots for both sub-components can be applied to b-pagination-table. Any arbitrary attributes are applied to the b-table component via $attrs.

You can supply a list of items or provide a URL to fetch the data.


Add the component to your project

npm install @xactsystems/b-pagination-table

Use it in your Vue app

    <b-pagination-table small striped :data-url="dataUrl" :fields="fields">
        <template v-slot:cell(id)="row">
            <a href="/view/{{ row.value }}">Item:{{ row.value }}</a>


import BPaginationTable from '@xactsystems/b-pagination-table'

export default {
    Components: {
        'b-pagination-table: BPaginationTable,

    data() {
        return {
            dataUrl: '/my-list',
            fields: [
                { key: 'id', label: 'Item' },
                { key: 'description', label: 'Description' }

Component props

Prop Type Default Value Description
data-url String null The URL to fetch the table data from.
items Array [] Array of items to show in the table. You do not need to use this if you are using data-url unless you want to sync the returned items via the update:items event.
pagination Boolean or String true If set to 'always', always show the pagination component. If set to true, show the pagination component if the page count is greater then 1. If false pagination is never shown.
page-length Boolean false Show the page-length dropdown.
per-page Number 20 The initial page length of the table.
page-length-options Array [ 10, 20, 50, 75, 100 ] Options for the page length dropdown.
search Boolean false Show the search text input.
sort-by String '' The key of the initial sort column.
sort-desc Boolean false Set to true to sort sort-by descending order.
search-min-length Number 0 The minimum number of character to enter in the search text input before filtering the table results.
search-debounce Number 150 The number of milliseconds to wait between changes to the table filter when searching.
ssp Boolean false Set to true to use Server-Side-Processing for pagination.
state Boolean false Set to true to save the table state, this will save page-length, search text and the current page number and set these again when the component is re-mounted or the page loaded.
pagination-size String 'md' The size of the pagination component. This maps to the 'size' prop in b-pagination.
pagination-aria-label String 'md' The ARIA label of the pagination component. This maps to the 'aria-label' prop in b-pagination.

Please review the full set of props for both the b-table and the b-pagination components:




All the events of both b-table and b-pagination are exposed. In addition the following events are emitted:

Event Payload Details
input:per-page Number, String The size of the page length after the dropdown value is changed.
update:items Array The array of item data fetched from the data-url source.

Server Side Processing

The component allows pagination on the back-end server by providing page relative query parameters to the fetch url. This is enabled by setting the ssp prop to true.

SSP Query Parameters

Parameter Description
filter The search text to filter the results by.
orderBy Provides the key to sort the results by. If this is preceded by '-' the results should be sorted as descending.
pageStart The first row number the results should start at.
pageLength The maximum number of rows to return.

SSP Returned Data

Parameter Description
returnedCount The number of records returned in the current response.
totalCount The total number of records available in the result set.
filteredCount The number of filtered records available in the result set.
data The current page records returned in the response.