This package provides a builder and runner for running the suite as Mocha tests.

XML, parsing, parser, test, mocha
npm install @xml-conformance-suite/mocha@2.0.0


This is a framework for running the XML conformance suite published by the W3C.

This version includes version 20130923 of the W3C suite.


This suite is a binary pass/fail suite. A lot of this is due to factors outside the control of this project.

First, XML specification does not got into great details as to how errors must be reported. XPath 3.0, for instance, goes to great lengths to specify exacly what error code must be produced when a problem occurs. So it is possible to test an XPath 3.0 implementation to verify that it reports specific problems. Not so for XML.

Second, (and probably due to the previous issue), the automatically actionable information in the W3C suite is not enough for checking specific error conditions. Someone reading the test descriptions and reading the XML of the test cases could figure out what error an XML processor should report. However, it is beyond the scope of this project to check error messages.

The upshot is that a test that expects the XML processor to report an error could pass because the XML processor reports an error for the wrong reason.


The code is organized in NPM subpackages:

  • @xml-conformance-suite/test-data contains the language-independent data for the test.

  • @xml-conformance-suite/js contains the JS infrastructure for running the test suite.

  • @xml-conformance-suite/mocha contains an adapter for running the suite as set of Mocha tests.

  • @xml-conformance-suite/karma contains an example for running the suite in Karma.

  • @xml-conformance-suite/plain contains a builder/runner set for running the suite as a series of ad-hoc tests (outside any specific testing framework).