A container library that holds external dependencies that have been modified for usage in Monero transaction creation / validation

xmr-core, monero, mymonero, typescript, ts, lightweight, lightwallet, wallet, crypto, script, utility, tool, xmr
npm install @xmr-core/xmr-vendor@0.0.8



Forked from mymonero/mymonero-core-js, this library provides a few significant changes compared to its origin:

  • Full typescript support
  • Hardware wallet (Ledger Nano S) support
  • Re-written to es6+ standards
  • Isomorphic, ideal for both server and browser usage



See LICENSE.txt for license.

All source code copyright © 2014-2018 by MyMonero. All rights reserved.

What's in This Repo?

This mono-repository contains various packages for Monero/CryptoNote cryptography and protocols. Below you'll find each package and its purpose.


  • @xmr-core/xmr-b58 @xmr-core/xmr-b58 contains functions to encode and decode base58 strings for monero operations
  • @xmr-core/xmr-cli @xmr-core/xmr-cli contains basic user operations that use the mono-repo packages for its functionality
  • @xmr-core/xmr-constants @xmr-core/xmr-constants contains constant declarations for working with Monero, such as address prefixes, blocktimes, and decimal places
  • @xmr-core/xmr-crypto-utils Core crypto operations for Monero
    • Utilities for working with Monero addresses
    • Implementations and interfaces of various hardware devices for creating Monero transactions securely
    • A collection of functions for creating and verifying Monero related public/private keys.
    • Validate, create, and manipulate, Monero payment ids
    • Create random hex strings for Monero operations
    • Get Monero address prefixes depending on the network type (mainnet|testnet|stagenet)
  • @xmr-core/xmr-fast-hash An implementation of Monero's cn_fast_hash
  • @xmr-core/xmr-money Helpers for formatting and parsing Moneroj.
  • @xmr-core/xmr-mymonero-libs A collection of utilities for building ontop of a MyMonero compatible API
  • @xmr-core/xmr-str-utils A library for working with strings commonly used in other Monero libraries
  • @xmr-core/xmr-transaction Create Monero transactions and check their status
  • @xmr-core/xmr-varint Create varints from numbers and strings for usage in Monero's data structures
  • @xmr-core/xmr-vendor A container library that holds external dependencies that have been modified for usage in Monero transaction creation / validation


The most common use case would be under the domain of a wallet service implementing xmr support. To see basic examples on how this would be done, take a look at the @xmr-core/xmr-cli package to do basic operations such as sending currency and checking a users balance.



Please submit any bugs as issues unless they have already been reported.

Suggestions and feedback are very welcome!

Pull Requests

We'll merge nearly anything constructive. Contributors welcome and credited in releases.

All development happens off the develop branch like the Gitflow Workflow.

Regular contributors

  • 💿 endogenic (Paul Shapiro) Maintainer

  • 🍄 luigi Major core crypto and Monero routine implementation contributor; Advisor

  • 🏄‍♂️ paullinator (Paul Puey) API design

  • 🔒 cryptochangement Subaddress send & decode support; Initial tests

  • 💩 henrynguyen5 Code quality, modernization, tests; HW wallet support