event, eventemitter, typescript, adb, android-debug-bridge, android-phone, webadb, webusb-api
npm install @yume-chan/event@0.0.5


Android Debug Bridge (ADB) for Web Browsers

GitHub license

Manipulate Android devices from any (supported) web browsers, even from another Android device.

Online demo: https://yume-chan.github.io/ya-webadb

How does it work

I'm working on a series of blog posts explaining the ADB protocol and my implementation in details.

@yume-chan/adb contains a platform-independent TypeScript implementation of the Android Debug Bridge (ADB) protocol.

@yume-chan/adb-backend-web contains a backend for @yume-chan/adb that uses Web technologies.

See README in each package for more implementation details.


This repository is a monorepo containing following packages:

Folder Name Description
adb (README) TypeScript implementation of Android Debug Bridge (ADB) protocol.
adb-backend-web (README) Backend for @yume-chan/adb using Web technologies.
event Event/EventEmitter pattern.
struct (README) C-style structure serializer and deserializer.
webpack-config Webpack configuration file in TypeScript, will output into demo folder
demo (README) Demo of @yume-chan/adb and @yume-chan/adb-backend-web.


Install dependencies

If you already have lerna installed globally, run

npm run postinstall

Otherwise, run

npm install

will install lerna locally and bootstrap all packages.


  • npm run build: build all npm packages.
  • npm run build:watch: build and watch changes for all npm packages.
  • npm run start:demo: start webpack-dev-server for the demo package.
  • npm run build:demo: build the demo package.