An open and extendible test suite for you can use to test various functional areas of an npm registry.

npm, npm-registry, npm-client, abstract, mocha, tests
npm install abstract-npm-registry@0.0.1



An open and extendible test suite for you can use to test various functional areas of an npm registry.


Understanding the wire protocol expected by the npm CLI is incredibly important. Without a thorough, accurate, and open representation of this HTTP-based API a number of important scenarios to the success of the Node.js ecosystem are largely impossible and definitely improbable:

  • Interoperability between registries¬†(e.g. migrating between two private registries).
  • Evaluation of local developer solutions (e.g. "Should I use sinopia or local-npm?").
  • More sophisticated developer tooling built on top of npm (e.g. a remote npm post-publish hook similar to a git post-commit hook).

This project is an attempt to document the public npm wire protocol for these reasons and more by creating an open and extendible test suite for anyone to use and contribute to. It pulls data from multiple sources:

  1. npm/npm-registry-couchapp: technically "deprecated", but largely the most accurate representation of the the public npm API.
  2. npm/npm-registry-client: all references to url.resolve represent one or more routes that Client instances consume when used by the npm CLI.
  3. npm/newwww and npm/public-api: a loosely coupled set of internal APIs that have added to the original API exposed in npm/npm-registry-couchapp.

Status & Completeness

The goal of this project is to have 100% coverage over all routes and important usage scenarios (e.g. attempting to publish a package that is not yours). We cannot do this without YOUR HELP!

  • pkg/show
  • ping
  • whoami (partial)
  • pkg/dist-tag (partial)
  • pkg/fetch
  • publish
  • unpublish
  • user/add
  • user/logout
  • pkg/update
  • team
  • access
  • views/all
  • views/query


abstract-npm-registry uses mocha and assume for test execution and assertion. Most common configurations can be accomplished by using the micro-runner provided by abstract-npm-registry.

const abstractNpmRegistry = require('abstract-npm-registry');

// Runs the entire suite of tests
  registry: 'https://registry.npmjs.org',
  headers: {
  // By default all of these suites are
  // included.
  suites: [

n.b. By default all test suites are included

  suites: [

Want more options or more granular options? Use abstract-npm-registry with mocha directly (see below) or open an issue!.

Using with mocha directly

Each named export on any requireable "suite" exposed by abstract-npm-registry is simply a function that returns an it function. The returned function can be passed to it in any mocha suite. e.g.


const abstractNpmRegistry = require('../')({
  registry: 'https://registry.npmjs.org',
  headers: { 'X-ANY-HEADER-YOU-WANT': true }

console.log('\n\n> Starting my custom test suite using mocha...');

describe('My super custom test suite', function () {

AUTHOR: Charlie Robbins