An axis-aligned bounding box component for A-Frame.

aframe, aframe-component, aframe-vr, vr, mozvr, webvr, aabb-collider, virtual-reality, virtualreality
npm install aframe-aabb-collider-component@3.2.0



A super collection of A-Frame components.



See documentation for individual components:

  • aabb-collider - An axis-aligned bounding box component for A-Frame.
  • animation - Animations in A-Frame using anime.js
  • animation-timeline - A timeline component to use with the A-Frame animation component.
  • atlas-uvs - An A-Frame component to set UVs onto a plane geometry given a gridded texture atlas.
  • audioanalyser - Audio visualizations in A-Frame using Web Audio (AnalyserNode)
  • broadcast - Multi-user in A-Frame using raw websockets
  • camera-recorder - A component to film and record A-Frame scenes with a controlled camera (pans, dollies, tilts).
  • debug-cursor - A component to pretty-log cursor events.
  • entity-generator - Generate a number of entities in A-Frame given a mixin
  • event-set - Set properties in response to events in A-Frame
  • firebase - Multi-user in A-Frame using Firebase
  • fps-counter - A simple FPS counter component to measure performance in VR for A-Frame.
  • geometry-merger - An A-Frame component to merge geometries to reduce draw calls.
  • gltf-part - A component to extract parts from a GLTF model into their own A-Frame entities.
  • haptics - A controller haptics (vibrations) component for A-Frame.
  • layout - Position and layout child entities in 3D space for A-Frame
  • log - In-VR console logs for A-Frame.
  • look-at - Rotate an entity to face towards another entity in A-Frame
  • mountain - Mountain terrain in A-Frame using randomly-generated height maps
  • orbit-controls - Orbit controls component for A-Frame.
  • proxy-event - A component to declaratively proxy events for A-Frame.
  • randomizer - Randomize color, position, rotation, and scale in A-Frame
  • state - State management for A-Frame using single global state modified through actions. State flows down to application via declarative binding.
  • sun-sky - Gradient sky with adjustable sun in A-Frame
  • template - Encapsulate groups of entities, use templating engines, and do string interpolations in A-Frame
  • text-geometry - Geometry-based text for A-Frame
  • thumb-controls - An A-Frame component that provides and normalizes directional events for thumbpads and thumbsticks.

Local Installation

Go to the folder of the component or scene you wish to develop and check out its README. The steps generally involve:

git clone && cd superframe
# Head to the folder to develop (e.g., `cd components/foo`, `cd scenes/foo`).
npm install
npm run dev  # (or sometimes `npm run start`)

A page should open in your browser. You can develop on the source code and the server will handle live compilation and bundling.