Akh delimited continuation monad transformer and monad

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npm install akh.dcont@0.0.1


Delimted continuation monad and monad transformer for Akh Javascript monad transformer library

The delimited continuation transformer, DContT, layers delimited control over a monad. The base type, DCont, provides delimited control on its own. The delimited continuation transformer is a monad, functor, and applicative functor.

# To use as standalone package
$ npm install --save akh.dcont

# To use as part of akh library
$ npm install --save akh


The dcont monad/transformer implements the Fantasy Land monad, function, and applicative functor interfaces.

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// Delimited continuation monad

// Delimited continuation monad transformer

DCont.run(m, k), m.run(k)

Perform a delimited continuation computation m and complete with outer continuation k.

const liftM2 = require('akh').base.liftM2
const dcont = require('akh').dcont

var list = liftM2.bind(null, (x, y) -> [x, y])

const c = dcont.reset((p) =>
    liftM2((x, y) => x + y,
        dcont.shift(p, k =>
            list(k(of(1)), k(of(2))),
        dcont.shift(p, k =>
            list(k(of(10)), k(of(20))))

dcont.run(c, console.log) // logs: [[11, 21], [12, 22]]

DContT.run(m, k)

Same as DContT::run but for transformed types

Delimited Control Interface

All DCont operations and methods are defined on both the type and its instances.


Create a new unique prompt that can be used to delimit a continuation.

M.pushPrompt(prompt, c)

Push prompt on to the control stack, delimiting the continuation, and evaluate computation c.

M.withSubCont(prompt, f)

Capture the continuation delimited by prompt and call f with it. f maps the delimited continuation to a computation. The delimited control structure passed to f should be considered opaque.

M.pushSubCont(subk, c)

Push an entire sub continuation sunk onto the stack and evaluate computation c.


Delimit a continuation, calling f with delimiting prompt. f maps the prompt to a computation that is performed inside the delimited context.

M.shift(p, f)

Capture the continuation delimited by p, reify the continuation, and pass it to f. f can invoke the reified continuation with a computation to evaluate the rest of the delimited continuation, or return a computation directly to break out.


Contributions are welcome.

To get started:

$ cd akh-dcont
$ npm install # install dev packages
$ npm test # run tests