Allons-y is a simple skeleton to package nodejs modules by feature.

architecture, engine, nodejs, packagebyfeature
npm install allons-y@1.0.4



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Allons-y is a Package by feature architect engine.


You can easily architect your project by installing the allons-y module:

npm install allons-y --save

What is Allons-y?

Thanks to NPM and its community, we have access to thousands of varied functionality for our projects. Infortunatly, we have to re-interface them for each new project. In the other hand, we have access to some frameworks (like Sails or Loop Back) but they comes with a fixed list of modules (like Express) that can't be avoided.

Allons-y is not a framework. It's a system that allows the developers to architect their projects in a Package by feature way. With it, you can link your modules wth each other (read the principles).

They are many modules that you can use inside your projects to include popular modules like Express, Gulp and more. You can easily create your own or create private modules that can be included in the Allons-y logic.



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