I2C driver for alphanumeric LED driver based on the HT16K33 LED driver

npm install alphanumeric-led@1.0.0



raspberry Pi projects based on Node.JS

To Setup your Pi: • Format SD card with SDFormatter and select Format Size Adjustment = on • Copy files form Noob at and boot up Pi. Pick raspbian Jessie option and let it install • The variant of Node.js v0.10.29 that comes preinstalled with Raspbian Jessie 2015-11-21 is broken. It's not possible to install Node.js native add-ons with this variant of Node.js. You need to remove it to update it.
○ Remove nodeJS by connecting to pi and logging in over SSH and follow the steps below. sudo apt-get remove nodered sudo apt-get remove nodejs nodejs-legacy sudo apt-get remove npm # if you installed npm

    ○ Get latest version of nodeJS:
        sudo wget
        sudo dpkg -i node_latest_armhf.deb
        Node -v to see version (v4.2.1)

    ○ Install github.
        sudo apt-get install git
        Pull files down for first time
        git clone git://
        To update files on pi type git pull from the project directory.  In this case cd to raspberryPi-Projects and then type git pull.